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Arts and Crafts

We have several very talented Wenches in our local. Many make different arts and crafts. We have knitters, crocheters, sewers, singers, musicians, actors, just to name a few.

Here are some samples of the visual arts and crafts some of our Wenches do. Enjoy!  Click the images for a larger view.

Dreama Astrid

I made the Steampunk Mosaic Picture Frame as a donation for the 2011 MS Fantasy Ball - It is made from glass mosaic tiles, stained glass, mirror, keys, mini picture frames, a MSFB button, feathers, and assorted watch parts & gears. The MSFB fund raiser inspired me to make this piece and assembling the entire piece, from selecting the glass, selecting the 3D pieces, laying out the design, and even selecting the grout colors were all very enjoyable.

The Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Mosaic is made from pink glass glitter tiles and I made that for my friend Emma that lives in New Zealand and is so far winning her battle against breast cancer. It by comparison wsa a very simple design and I was able to assemle it very quickly.

And lastly, the Pink Pirate Skull & Crossbones was made by my Wench In Training(aka my 10 year old daughter) and is hanging in her room. She made it with pink glass glitter tiles and white and pink sea glass. And her inspiration is definitely faire and all the fun she has attending MDRF.

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