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Beauty Tips and the Well Dressed Wench

The weather and out door setting can cause some challenges for the well dressed wench. Here are some tips to keeping that well groomed appearance even during the most severe weather conditions.

When posed with the question on our Facebook page: "How do you stay looking fabulous all day at Faire? Do you do anything special when it's super muggy? How about in the rain?" Below are some of the answers I got in reply...
o   Vicki Vincent Bokhari Use waterproof makeup, don't bother with foundation on hot/rainy days, keep your hair in a style that won't be ruined by humid days - such as hair sticks, feathers, etc. Hats tend to overheat you more. Also invest in some rice paper oil blotter tissues and carry them with you.
o   Michele Schultz Well, I just change costume 3 times a day, but I suppose that doesn't count. Otherwise, translucent powder, powder based make up, carry a big fan like the ones that Tiger sells on Stub Toe, keep your hair off your neck, wear natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool, silk) so your body breathes and heat can escape. Avoid hats unless you put ice in them...but you will look wet at the end of the day.
o   Michele Schultz Rain, Large leather hat, cloak, for non-workers (or fantasy characters) umbrellas that you can decorate (which also are good for keeping heat off you), and I do hair up and tendrils....or hair all out and wild. It gets messy, but it does add a "sexy" air to you.
o   Viv Gress I stay in the shade & drink lots of water. All natural fabrics (always), and the hotter it gets the less layers. Hand-held fans are a must.
o    Katie French I usually look like a drowned or melted rat half the time, so not sure I can help. Haha.

For rainy days, wear shoes with good traction, that you don't mind getting dirty. Wear fabrics that can be cleaned easily. Be careful of light colors in the rain, you don't want to unwittingly put on a show for the danes. And keep a big towel and a clean pair of easy-on shoes in the car for the drive home.
o   Viv Gress Parasol on (hot) sunny days when you just can't stay under shade & avoid the bright orb overhead.
o   Delinda Price I have very oily skin. So I tend not to wear foundation makeup anyway. When it gets really gross out I use facial cleansing cloths. Removes the oil and dirt and gives me a quick pick me up.
o   Eric Crouse Go as close to bare chested as I am allowed to do selling roses, I wear wrap pants, and hold off on the crushed velvet tights until later in the year.
o   Anne Frates I keep a couple of wet wash cloths in a plastic bag in a cooler; they feel like heaven on the back of your neck. peppermint oil on the pulse points also works as a cooling sensation. . always always hydrate...if it's hot , also eat a pickle. between water and the salts you won't end up sick.
o   Viv Gress And your hostel will always have shade, cold water and a (relatively quiet) place to sit when the elements conspire against us :-)
o   Eric Crouse and either Sure stick deodorant, or monkey butt powder or such so we are not walking bowlegged at the end of the day.
o   Tara Marie Johnson Primer for your face and eyes. Waterproof mascara. Water-resistant/smudge-proof liner.
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