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The Well Dressed Wench

Often times what a wench wears she makes herself.  This can save her a ton of money! And it gives her a look uniquely her own. Sometimes it's a simple cloak or cap. Other times it can be an entire ensemble.
First of all, here is a great site with lots of information on Renaissance clothing.  It does focus a lot on the upper class but if you are going for the humbler working class (Wench), you should find plenty of info for you too!
I will be posting my instructions for making the below listed items as I get them written up. These will be the same instructions I use when helping people make their garb at our Stitch nBitches:
  • Chemise
  • One Piece Skirt
  • 5 Gore Skirt
  • Bloomers
  • Flat Cap
  • Draw String pouch
  • Belt Pouch
Suggested Commercial Patterns
For basic Wench wear = Simplicity 5582, view C
For Nobles = Simplicity 2589 for the dress and Simplicity 2621 for the under pinnings.

Both the patterns for Noble wear are very close to the patterns from Tudor Tailor but simplified just enough to not be too complicated.
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