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The Local 42 Hostels

   Revel Grove

We now have a Hostel!

The folks at  Musical Traditions have offered to host Local 42!

This will be a place we can store our Wenching supplies and the emergency box will be there. You cannot leave your stuff for the day as there is no room.

Come sign the book, leave messages for other wenches (in the book), check the schedule, etc. The Sign-In Book is an important tool that lets us know who is on-site on any given day, including wenches visiting from other areas, and helps our sister wenches connect with each other. Please make every effort to make one of your early stops the hostel and sign in every day you're at the faire.

Madame of the Hostel Heather 2016

Helene OTroy
aka Heather
Wench #1313
Dame of the MDRF Hostel



Anne Long
Wench #2431
Your Dame of the VARF Hostel
We, Glastonbury Designs (Anne) and The Merry Mercer (Jen), are truly looking forward to being the official Hostel for Local 42 at VARF! We have enjoyed patronizing the hostel at MDRF and wanted our fellow wenches to have a haven to go to in Staffordshire. 
We welcome any and all to visit and we'll do our best to make your journey to Staffordshire safe and pleasant. 
We are a clothing and accessories shop, so please feel free to touch the goods!  We even have a changing room!  We look forward to seeing many friendly faces during the next season and beyond.  ~Anne Long & Jennifer Peterson, proprietors.
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