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Local Madame and Vice Madame

Delinda Price 
"Miss Dee"
IWG #1583

Miss Dee

I am a very proud member of The International Wenches Guild Local 42! I have been a member since 2000 and I have enjoyed every second of it!

Over the years I have seen our local go through many changes; some good, some not so good but through it all we managed to maintain a group that has some of the best people out there! We may have our moments but all in all we stick together and support each other.

Lately I have seen a great drop off of involvement and participation in the Guild. Whether its from members moving away or moving on due to life changes or simply a lack of communication or the feeling of community. I'd like to see more interaction and the build up of relationships within our guild. So in the year that follows I plan to reach out to current and new members for suggestions of things and activities we can do together during Faire season and outside Faire to bring us closer together. 

One of the things I'm going to be working on soon is to build a database of members of Local 42. Long ago when we had a yahoo group, we had a database of members. Of course that was lost when the group went away. Today we have our group on Facebook but not everyone uses Facebook and this site isn't seen by all members either. I'd like to utilize more social media to reach out to our members in hopes to encourage more participation in our guild. I will keep everyone as informed as I can via the Facebook group to when I'll have the database ready to start populating with member data.

Mistress Karen
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 Karen Mitchell Carothers
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