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Grievances and Disciplinary Action
Know your Arbiters! Please contact only by this email address:



It is preferable that a controversy or grievance among Wenches be settled at the local level AFTER HOURS. However, if an issue cannot be effectively resolved, appeals can be brought up the chain of authority first to the Local Arbiters and then to the Local Madame, then the Regional Council, the Privvy Council, Scribe, VM, GM and finally the Grande Prive. Please, try to work things out amongst yourselves first. And play nice.

If however, you do have a grievance with another wench, please contact the Arbiters at: Please do not contact them on their personal Facebook pages or personal emails. Please see the Officers page for a picture and the name of our arbiters if you do not already know who they are.

Disciplinary Action:

If a Guild Member sees fit to behave in such an inconsiderate, foolish manner as to embarrass and disgrace the International Wenches Guild, she has 3 Strikes.

Warning, Suspension & Expulsion:

On the Local level (particularly on a Faire/Festival site), a decision on disciplinary action must be made by a Quorum of 3 ranking Members (Local Madame, Vice/Lieutenant Madame, Dame, Arbiter, and local or visiting MCLs/Madames).After all, the IWG is about fun, but NOT a shield for drunken debauchery and irresponsible behavior in public. If a member wanted that kind of life, she'd join the League of Dionysus and get it over with.

Reasons for disciplinary action:

  • Unreasonable Insubordination
  • Breaking a REAL law 
  • Narcotics Possession/Dealing 
  • Public Drunken Behavior 
  • Nudity in front of Faire/Festival Management or Patrons 
  • Under-Age Alcohol Drinking 
  • Public Sexual Displays higher that PG(-13) in front of Faire/Festival Management or Patrons 
  • Continued Bearing False Witness**(Spreading of malicious untruths that cause disharmony amongst the Guild)

** As an alternative to expulsion, the Order of the Biddy may be awarded. The recipient will only wear a red letter B- instead of her A+ until the order is rescinded for good behavior. In some cases, it could become permanent.

If a Guild member quits, returns her pin, and THEN wants back in, she has to be voted back in by a majority of the Privvy Council. Meanwhile, her ID# may be re-assigned.

*All of the above can also be found in the IWG Official "Little Brown Book" on page 30. 

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