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Mistress Trisha

Trisha Sullivan
Wench #3762 
Is our Wenching Coordinator. She will be leading Wench Walks and she will also be your point of contact to schedule wenchings for that special someone in your life!

 Wench Walks Guidelines for Local 42

  • Please take a minute to review these guidelines; you will be held responsible for knowing them.
  • We will NOT interrupt any scripted Show/ Music act/ Street act or the like. Our path has been carefully planned to avoid acts of any kind. If there should happen to be something going on at one of our normal stops, we will just move along.

  • We are requesting that all claws, feathers, fur roses, etc., NOT be used on Wench Walks. Wench Walks are rated G for GOOD taste!

  • Cheerful and Bubbly are what we are looking for; please leave the Sultry and Seductive for the Target Wenchings. On Wench Walks, we will generally interact with people we DO NOT KNOW; therefore, we do not know what will offend them and we do not want to offend anyone.  Be a LITTLE flirty. Wink, bat your eyelashes, but DO NOT under any circumstances infer or imply that we want anything more than to leave lipstick marks on them.

  • Please watch what you say and to whom you say it. Children WILL be around and one of them may be the child of the man on his knees in front of you. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, DON'T say it during a Wench Walk!

  • Saying things along the lines of "Welcome to faire!", "Well aren't YOU handsome!" Hope you're having a wonderful day!" are GREAT things to say. We want them to feel welcome, not like they are being propositioned.

  • Kilt Checks WILL NOT be performed on ANY Wench Walk at MDRF, nor are they sanctioned by MDRF Management, the Madame, and the Vice Madame. Please adhere to this rule. If you want to do a Kilt Check, take it OUT of Revel Grove!

  • We will not block any path or walk way. If traffic is too congested to prevent easy Wench Walk passage, the Walk group will be disbanded.

  • Targets are to be kissed ONLY on exposed skin above the waist. PLEASE do not take it upon yourself to expose said skin!

  • ONLY the Target's S.O./Wife/Girlfriend/Sponsor may kiss the Target on the lips. If you are not "attached" to the Target, leave his lips alone! Please save that for the lady who runs his life. ;)

  • No one who is under the influence of alcohol (drunk) or drugs can participate in a walk/wenching. Determination of such can be made by the Walk Leader and/or the Madam.

  • No one is to have an alcoholic drink with them during the walk.

  • Wenches may join a walk/wenching that is in progress, but unless prearranged or a sudden specific issue arises during the walk(such as an illness), wenches are asked to participate in the entire walk/wenching once it is started. Wench walks/wenchings are just that, walks/wenchings - not drive bys.

  • Have FUN!

  • Last but NOT least, When in Doubt Ask Your Walk Leader!

Ribbon Wenchings

A few years ago, courtesy of the MIRF Local through our Rivka, we successfully added "Ribbon Wenching" to our retinue which, "In MY Humble Opinion" added a very classy and fun touch to Our Wenchings. As with Regular Wenchings, all the same rules apply.

What's a Ribbon Wenching?

This is when, instead of kissing our victim/target and leaving our marks, the victim/target has a braided band made of Maryland/Virginia colored ribbons tied to the upper part of one arm. And just as in regular Wenching, wenches take turns giving the victim their attentions but instead of kissing, they tie their ribbons to the base band. When finished this creates a nice festoon.
For Ribbon Wenching, each Wench chooses a pair of ribbon colors as her colors. Keep to the 1/8 or 1/4 wide ribbons any combination is fine. Your ribbons should be about 9" to 14" long. Do NOT braid them together. Do not attach anything to the ends. We want the finished product to be fluffy and curly like a pompom.
Requesting a Target Wenching
To request a Target Wenching you can email  When sending email, please be sure you include your contact information such as your name, phone number, and email adress. Also please include any special instructions.
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