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Heat Problems
On hot, humid, Maryland/Virginia days, nonalcoholic beverages are your best friend!  Water is good, but lemonade or a sports drinks are better, because they include the electrolytes (body salts) essential for brain and nerve activity.  Water and a pickle will provide the same relief!  Alcoholic drinks can increase your core body temperature, so you may wish to forgo drinking any form of alcoholic beverage, OR, alternate drinking water/lemonade and alcohol during the day.
Be aware of the following signs of heat exhaustion in yourself AND your fellow wenches:
  • Dizziness, weakness, fainting, nausea, numbness, and headache.
  • Onset while working in a high heat/high humidity/poor ventilation environment and sweating heavily. Infants, the elderly, and the unacclimated may experience onset at rest.

  • Cold, clammy, skin: ashen appearance.

  • Dry tongue; thirst.

  • Vital signs within normal limits, although the pulse may be rapid and the diastolic blood pressure (that's the bottom number) may be low.

  • Normal or slightly elevated body temperature.
If a fellow wench is experiencing these problems, get them to the First Aid station immediately, which is located just off the Joust Field near the Wild Boar Tavern at MDRF or by the Jousting field at VARF.  You can also help them by sending someone to retrieve a pickle and water or a glass of lemonade that they should drink slowly.
If they still seem "out of it", call MDRF Security and ask them to send the medics to your location.   If you don't have the number or a cell phone, ask one of the booth operators as they keep the emergency number on hand.
If you see a faire patron who is experiencing these types of problems, sit them down immediately and call MDRF Security.  Tell Security that you have a patron who is having heat-related problems and where you are located.  They will contact the medics for you.  Wait with the person until the medics arrive

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