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Be A Good Samaritan

One of the things that we can do as guild members is to make ourselves helpful to others while at faire.  From giving directions, helping a lost child, or doing privy duty.  Being a good Samaritan is good for Faire and good for Local 42! 

Lost Children

Every season, small children will become separated from their parents in a crowd.  You can be a huge help to both the lost child and parents by reuniting them!

Here are suggestions:
  • Ask the child their name and tell them that you will help find their parents/relative for them. 
  • Keep the "stranger danger" concept in mind; don't try to hug the child to make it all better or give them a "treat" (allergy precaution!).
  • Hand them a Kleenex to wipe their tears and talk to them gently. That should help comfort them.
  • Ask the child if they know their parent's or relative's cell phone number.  If they do, make the phone call, tell the parents/relatives where you and the child are located, and keep them on the phone until they spot you.
  • If the child does not know their parents or relative's cell phone number, contact MDRF Security and let them handle the situation.  Stay with the child until Security arrives

Heat Problems

If you see a faire patron who is experiencing heat related problems (see the page dealing with weather), sit them down immediately and call MDRF Security.  Tell Security that you have a patron who is having heat-related problems and where you are located.  They will contact the medics for you.  Wait with the person until the medics arrive.

Privy Duty  

Often times you will find that the lines to the Privies are extremely long.  Many times this is simply because people don't know the custom or ettique of privy use.  Faire employees often do "privy duty" and they are often greatly relived to have one of us take over so they can get on to their next performance.
Basically, all privy duty is, is making sure people know which privies are not being used and pointing them out.  Thus moving the line quickly.  You will want to knock on the door to confirm that it is indeed free, and shout out that it is available.  It's amazing how fast the lines deminish!
And remember, do be polite.  Faire goers can not tell us from Faire staff in these instances and we never want to give the Faire a bad name!
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