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Favors are a time honored tradition at faire.  Here is a bit of information by one of our lovely members:
Favors are a small token of friendship presented among Rennies, not just those of the Guilds. There is no right or wrong with favors.  Everything is up to the discretion of the giver. Favors can be given to anyone you meet or just special friends. Favors can be pins, stickers, or any other type of medium you can create. You can make one standard favor and revise it each year, make a different one every year, or only make one and never change it. There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about your favors:
  • Typically, most people use pin-backings for their favors.  This allows the receiver to wear it anywhere on their garb. It also gives the receiver the chance to wear it all the time if they chose or to keep it safe at home.
  • It is suggested that when making favors, use the high temperature hot glue, as this will not melt in the sun.
  • Not everyone you give a favor to will give you one in return. Likewise, you are not required to give anyone a favor simply because they gave you one.
  • Not everyone who accepts your favor will wear it. You are not required to wear anyone's favor either.
  • Apply common sense to your favors - Does it need explanation? Would it offend someone? Is it a personal representation of you?
  • Have fun with your design and get creative!
  • And finally, if you have any questions, just ask!

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