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What Do You Do With a Drunken Patron?

Unfortunately, wenches may need to fend off an overly amorous and obviously drunken patron.  Many of these persons will back off if you look them firmly in the eye, tell them that you are not interested, and then immediately walk off into a crowd of people any crowd of people, but particularly friends if you spy them.
For those unfortunate individuals whose brains are besotted with alcohol to the point of not understanding that "NO!" means "NO!" you have a few options to work with:
  • Loudly tell them to LEAVE YOU ALONE and walk towards the nearest booth.  Boothies will help you to fend off the person and call MDRF Security.
  • If they grab your arm, loudly yell "Let me go! Let me go!  Security!" The person should let go of your arm since you are making a loud fuss, providing you with the opportunity to get away.  Again, run into the closest booth and ask for help. 
  • Try to remember details about your assailant to tell MDRF Security so that they may be apprehended.  Chances are you will also attract the attention of well-meaning Good Samaritans who will come to your aid.    
  • Our Mercenaries Guild members (Mercs Guild) are also very helpful in these matters.  Do not be surprised if a couple of them appear "out of nowhere" to assist you upon hearing your distress calls.  Learn to recognized their guild pin:  



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